It’s Not About Getting High


     My journey into medical marijuana started many years ago when I discovered the difference between medicating and getting high.  As young adults we smoked pot to get high and listen to music and sometimes get the munchies.  Due to the intensified feelings marijuana seemed to provoke it was only natural to test the limits of those perceptions.  Music sounded brilliant, colors were brighter and food was semi-orgasmic.  A feast for the senses and all of them were stimulated.  Athletic endeavors were the next logical venue for trying MJ and after overcoming the stoned part the first few times, I found it really helped me to focus and concentrate.  It was then, while pushing myself that I found I was able to use MJ more moderately and still feel its effects of heightened awareness without being stoned.  It was the dawn of a new era for me.  If I could feel this awareness maybe I could learn to harness and use it to my benefit.  My journey was not only started but in full progress. Over time I have found that MJ is really one of the most dependable and predictable plants for my personal body.  It’s a stimulant, it’s a pain killer, it’s an anti-inflammatory, it’s a sleep aide, it’s an appetite stimulant, and appetite depressant and many other thing to many other people.  It works for me but everyone’s body is different.

  A couple of years ago we, as voters in Arizona, made medical marijuana legal.  When it became legal, we (Granny Pot and I) became qualified patients and started growing our own MMJ (Medical Marijuana).  After harvesting our first legal crop, we shared it with other qualified patients we knew.  Their responses were unanimous regarding the high quality of the MMJ we grew.  We were asked to become caregivers for several patients with extreme disabilities.

     This new task of growing certain plants for people with certain needs sounded intriguing.  So, after expanding our set-up and many hours of research, we embarked on a new endeavor—that of growing boutique MMJ.  I don’t know what else to call it.  Every patient is different and so are the plants we choose to grow.  We don’t grow for quantity or for high % of THC.  We grow what works for the patient based on feedback we get from the patient.  During the last couple of years, we have done over 2,000 hours of research into the myriad of subjects regarding MMJ, and I, as a caregiver and patient, never tire of learning.  For me, being a caregiver is being able to give on a personal level, and knowing that 100% of everything we give goes to the patient and the cause. For way too long, MJ has been about secret strains and secret circles of people and secret secrets under the guise of secretly selling pot on the secret black market and making secret money.  We have been given a green light to move into the open with MMJ and its benefits so why not share knowledge that used to be taboo.  We can only benefit from it.

     All of this may come to an end sometime in 2013 due to the current dispensary laws.  Any person living within a 25-mile radius of a dispensary will not be allowed to cultivate their own crop.  Furthermore, patients who still want MMJ will be required to purchase from a state-approved dispensary.  Our patients, who have come to rely on the high quality of our organically grown medical marijuana, will be forced to buy an unknown product from a dispensary.  Many of the dispensaries are being set up by people who know little or nothing about medical marijuana.  That means they’ll know little or nothing about patients’ needs. 

There are lawsuits in the works from various groups and individuals regarding certain aspects of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act.  One of the aspects that has many people concerned is the 25-mile rule.  There are many patients who cannot commute that far in order to acquire their MMJ.  Others will not be able to afford the memberships required by the dispensaries in order to be able to procure their MMJ.  We hope that others recognize the insanity of the politically-imposed 25-mile rule and we pray that it gets overturned.  Our patients rely on us, and we care deeply about our patients. 

     Gramps Pot

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